Why Kikinda :-: Business environment

City of Kikinda has always prepared and responsive to in accordance with law, to assist companies operating in its territory, as well as new entities who want to invest in Kikinda.

In various sectors of business the following companies, which are part of the business environment:

Metal industry

Livnica "Kikinda" "Le Belier" Kikinda "Šole" Kikinda "Grindex" Kikinda


Foundry "Kikinda" - produces parts and castings for the automotive industry, there is the property of the company "CIMOS" from Koper, Slovenia. Factory in Kikinda employs about 1,850 workers.

“Le belier Kikinda” - is engaged in the production of aluminum components for the automotive industry, is owned by the "Le belier" group from France. The plant in the Kikinda is in the continuous expanding and employs about 500 workers.

"Šole" ("Velpan") Kikinda - is engaged in manufacturing of various types of metal containers. In early 2014, they had 72 employees and they constantly spread production.

"Grindex" Kikinda - the manufacturers of machine tools grinder for circular external and internal grinding, usually numerically controlled. The company in early 2014, were employed 71 workers.


"Multipak" Kikinda - are engaged in the production of various packaging machines and scales. Employing about ten people.

Food processing industry

"Banini" Kikinda "Kikindski mlin" Kikinda "Atler fontana" Kikinda


"Banini" Kikinda - are engaged in the production of confectionery products, and in a particular segment of the business when it comes to the mentioned branch, they are the leaders in Serbia. Employ approximately 600 workers.

"Kikindski mlin" Kikinda - manufacture of flour, pasta and processed wheat. The factory employs about 140 workers.

"Alter fontana" Kikinda - are engaged in the production of cakes, sweets and biscuits. Emerged from the family business, and now has about 100 employees.