Projects :-: EU funds

"Kikinda – our common home"

"Kikinda - our common home" is a project funded by the European Union under the IPA 2011 program. The main beneficiaries of this project are refugees and internally displaced persons in the municipality of Kikinda. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of life of the target group by improving the living conditions of the users. The project lasted from June 2013 to September 2014 and includes help in building materials, machinery and equipment for a total of 50 families in the maximum amount of the grant of 115,000 euros.

The project is carried out in several stages:

  • Advertising for assistance in the form of building materials, machinery and tools
  • Verification application on the field
  • Forming a list of users
  • Procurement of Construction material and machinery
  • Delivery of machines, delivery and installation of building materials

"Flood Prevention – For Better Life Quality"

In the IPA CBC Romania – Serbia, Kikinda Municipality is implementing the project "Flood Prevention - For Better Life Quality".

Leading partner in the project, the municipality Resita. The overall objective of the project is to tackle the significant common challenges by the environment and the specific aspects of local / regional preparedness in relation to cross-border emergencies by creating effective systems and approaches to emergency situations. This project deals with specific aspects of local / regional preparedness in relation to cross-border emergencies, especially flood prevention. Common difficulties and dangers in the management of emergency situations and also joint solutions and ways of improving the procedures in case of emergencies in Resita and Kikinda will be revealed through the SWOT analysis as part of a joint strategy with regard to emergency situations.

Implementation of project activities Kikinda will achieve the following objectives:

Improving the quality of life in the border region and the Danube region by raising the level of preparedness in emergency management in Resita and Kikinda.

Increasing the technical and human resources of those involved in the field of emergency situation.

Development of joint plans in emergency situations and dialogue between decision-makers.

Creating cross-border links between people involved in emergency situations.

Reconstruction of 50 kilometers of canals for drainage of rain water in the Rusko Selo. The excavator with additional equipment, which will be used for the cleaning and maintenance of the canal network in the municipality of Kikinda.

The value of the project
The total value of the project Flood Prevention - For Better Life Quality "-" Flood Protection - For Better Quality of Life "is € 1,041,429, of which each partner is entitled to:

1. Municipality Rešica: 635.118 €
2. Municipality Kikinda:
Total value: 406.311 €
Own contribution: 60.946,65 €
European Union - IPA: 345.364,35 €

Duration of the project:
The project lasts 13 months, beginning the project was 21.01.2014. and ends on 21.02.2015.

"Living Heritage"

In the IPA CBC Romania – Serbia, Kikinda is implementing the project "Living Heritage".

"Living heritage" is a project that will be conducted research on cultural heritage and intangible asset Serbs and Romanians in Banat, conducted by the State University of Timisoara, a municipality of Kikinda is the only Serbian partner. Implementation of this project will make it possible to be in the paper and print publication found customs, ethnic events and notes Ethno musicological types from our area, which will Kikinda occupy an important place in the research that will be conducted in the Serbian part of Banat. Also, be established partnerships with higher education institutions have a very significant from Romania. The realization of the project activities to be paid for performance Kikinda folklore ensembles on ethno festival in Romania, and the folk customs and events, such as "Pumpkin Days" will be promoted in a neighboring state as an intangible cultural heritage. In addition, the presence of researchers from the University of Timisoara festival ethnomusicology "Fenok" will be recorded, and then on CDs - in and published folk songs from Kikinda and the environment.

The value of the project:
The total value of the project "Living Heritage" is € 33,256.40, while the share of Kikinda is € 4,988.46.

Duration of the project:
The project implementation is 14 months, beginning the project was 10.12.2013. and ends on 02.10.2015.