Starting a business and expenses :-: Building process

The process of issuing building permits includes unified procedure, which is conducted completely electronically via the application.

The building process includes the following:

  • lease of construction land;
  • locational information;
  • location conditions;
  • building permit;
  • construction;
  • use permit;
  • registration in the Cadastre.

 Lease of construction land

Owner of building land in public ownership can lease the plot for the construction of facility:

  • for which issuing temporary building permit (no longer than five years);
  • in the case of realization of projects of importance for the Republic of Serbia;
  • in cases (and may be alienated by direct negotiation): granting concessions, public-private partnerships, forming the building plot, correcting the borders of adjoining lots ...

Undeveloped building land in public ownership can be entered as a founding stake in a public company.

Building state-owned land can be leased from the local government through public bidding and public bidding through advertisements.

The land is leased to the person who offered the highest price, but in exceptional cases, it may be issued in the lease and the rent that is lower than the market or without payment, if it has a prior approval of the Government.

In addition, agricultural land can be turned into a construction site, with the approval of the competent authorities and the payment of compensation for the change of use of land.

The law also provides private ownership of land so that it possible purchase of land from private persons.

Information about the location

This location information contains information about the possibilities and limitations of building on the land plot or several cadastral parcels, based on the planning document.

Locational conditions

Locational conditions are public documents containing information on the possibilities and limitations of building on land parcel that meets the requirements for the building plot and contains all the requirements for technical documentation. Locational conditions are issuing for the construction or improvement of facilities for which is obligatory a building permit, as well as objects that are connected to the utility and other infrastructure. Locational conditions may be issued for several cadastral parcels, with the obligation to investors to before the issuing of the use permit to connect these plots in accordance with Law.

Building permit

The building permit shall be issued an investor who along with the application for a building permit submit a project for a building permit, and has appropriate right or premises on land and who has submitted evidence prescribed in the regulations which shall regulate the content and method of issuing building permits and paid the relevant administrative fees. An integral part of the request is an excerpt from the project for a building permit signed and stamped by the chief designer. The request shall be submitted with the following documents:

  • Excerpt from the project for a building permit, a copy more than the number of copies that the investor wants to certify upon issue building permits (min 3 copies) to confirm and report on technical control copy;
  • The project for a building permit, in electronic form (1 copy), in paper form one copy more than the number of copies that investor wants to certify during the issuance of building permits (min 3 copies) with the confirm and report on the technical control of the project;
  • Proof of payment of administrative fees;

And depending on the case:

  • Proof of right to land or building, if they are not registered in the public register or established by law;
  • Agreement between financiers and investors;
  • Agreement between investors and holders of public authority, for providing the missing infrastructure;
  • Energy Permit (construction of energy facilities);
  • The consent of the owners, certified in accordance with the law, if the land or building has a co-owner;
  • The contract, certified in accordance with the law with the owner or owners of particular parts of buildings;
  • Requirements for design and connection facilities to the transmission system and distribution of electricity or natural gas, which are collected in accordance with the law governing the energy sector, and are not contained in the locational conditions.

The permit shall be issued within 5 days of the request, and also is valid for 2 years, during which the investor has to start construction of the facility.


At the latest 8 days before the start of construction the investor should inform the relevant authority of the local government, which is responsible for the issuance of a building permit, the date of the beginning and the deadline for completion of construction. Before beginning construction, the investor needs to make and prepare land for building and mark construction site with the panel that contains legally required information.

The contractor determines responsible contractor in charge of the construction project, respectively conduct the work. During the construction the investor should also provide supervision of the execution of works.

Use permit

Use permit shall be issued no later than 5 days after the finding of the commission for inspection facility which established that the facility is suitable for use.

Technical inspection is carried out after construction, ie. all works specified in the building permit and the main design. Examination can be carried out simultaneously with the construction if, upon completion, would not be able to carry out the control of the works.

If, in order to determine the suitability of the facility for use, must be carried out preliminary tests and check wiring, equipment, machinery, stability or security of the facility, equipment and installations for environmental protection devices for protection against fire or other investigations, the Commission for inspection may propose to the competent authority to approve the release of the object into operation, provided that determine that it meets the requirements. Decision about allowing the object to probation determined by the duration of the probationary period, which may not be longer than 1 year.

Registration in the Cadastre

Within five working days after the finality of the issued use permit, the competent authority shall, ex officio, submit use permit to the authority competent for state survey and cadastre, a study of geodetic works for the derived object and special parts of the building, as well as a study of geodetic works for underground installation.

The body responsible for the affairs of state survey and cadastre decides about the house number and performs registration of ownership of the facility or special parts of the building and inform investors, and the competent authority within seven days by submitting of the occupancy permit, and within 30 days doing corresponding entry in the cadastre lines.