Starting a business and expenses :-: How to start

Register your company in the Business Registers Agency ( on a company's registration in one place, with simple administrative procedure and further shortening the deadline for registration.

One-stop registration system was established by unifying the procedures for starting a business in one place and electronically linking the Business Registers Agency (SBRA), IRS, Pension and Disability Insurance (PDI) and the Republic Health Insurance Fund (HIF).

At the founding of the company or entrepreneurial activities, citizens submitted the SBRA:

  • a single registration application for the establishment of the entity (the relevant forms can be found on the Agency's website),
  • supporting documentation (necessary instructions can be found on the Agency's website),
  • proof of payment of the establishment (the fee can be seen on the website of the Agency),
  • proof of payment of the administrative fee , the Department of Statistics to obtain a registration / identification number of the entity (Important note: The fee is payable only in the establishment of the company).

In the statutory period of 5 days, in the SBRA will receive a decision on the registration of the subject, along with the parent and the tax identification number (VAT), pension and disability insurance, a certificate and registration number of contribution payers Republic Institute for Health Insurance.