Business stimulations :-: Financial stimulations


Grants may be awarded to domestic or international companies to finance investment projects in the manufacturing and service sectors which may be subject of international trade. Funds can not be used for financing investment projects in the sector of primary agricultural production, fisheries and aquaculture, transport, catering, gambling, trade, production of synthetic fibers, coal and steel, tobacco and tobacco products, weapons and ammunition, shipbuilding (naval construction merchant vessels by their own means - at least 100 gross registered tons) airport and the energy sector, broadband networks, as well as economic entities in difficulty, as follows:
1. If liability for its debts is limited, and have lost more than half of the initial capital, of which the last 12 months lost more than a quarter of the initial capital,
2. If at least one person has unlimited liability for its debts, and financial statements showing that its capital is reduced by more than half, of which the last 12 months lost more than a quarter of the capital,
3. If the conditions for the opening of bankruptcy proceedings.


Pursuant to the Directive on conditions and methods of attracting direct investments (valid from 1st July 2014), the amount of subsidies is determined in relation to the investment costs (in both tangible and intangible assets) or to the gross salary costs for newly created jobs until the 30.06.2016.

From right to receive funds exempt the following investors:
1. enterprises in difficulties,
2. that have matured and unpaid obligations towards the Republic of Serbia,
3. where in the past 12 months preceding the application significantly reduced the number of employees,
4. where the Republic of Serbia, autonomous or local government has a share in the property,

5. who is obliged return illegal state aid,
6. which was terminated the contract for granting of stimulus funds.

The amount of funds that can be allocated are determined by this regulation, in terms of eligible investment costs. When determining the amount of funds that can be allocated taking into account the accumulation pre-approved state aid, in accordance with the rules on state aid control.

Funds may be granted only under the following conditions:

1. to maintain the investment at the same location in the local government unit in which realizes a direct investment of at least five years after the implementation of the project, or at least three years for small and medium businesses,
2. that the existing number of employees at the fund beneficiaries after the realization of the investment project does not reduce in the period from five years in the case of large enterprises, or three years in the case of small and medium enterprises.

The allocation of funds shall be conducted in accordance with the public invitation and regulation. Public invitation shall be published at the discretion of the Ministry, with the prior approval of the Ministry responsible for finance. Text public invitation issued by the Ministry on its website, and published on the website of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion. Registration for participation in the allocation of funds shall be submitted to the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion after published a public call for grants, and within the time.

National employment service

National Employment Service is administering grants for employment of up to 50 new workers. An employer may use this type of subsidy only once per calendar year. For each newly employed person shall be granted an amount of 100,000.00 RSD in Kikinda municipality.

In addition, the National Employment Service is co-financing the retraining programs with 150,000 RSD in cases when there is no qualified unemployed workforce registered at the National Employment Bureau. Also, if the unemployment register of the National Employment Service has no persons with the necessary knowledge and skills, the National Employment Agency co-finances training programs in order to acquire additional knowledge and skills needed to perform duties for the employer. Elevation co-financed funds per student is 150,000 EUR..

Provincial Government - AP Vojvodina

Provincial Secretary for Work and Employment is awarding subventions for new employment amounting.

Visina subvencije iznosi:

  • 130,000.00 RSD
  • Plus 20,000.00 RSD for employing person older than 50 years old, which totals 150,000.000 RSD.

Eligible employer, conditions:

  • Number of employees hasn’t been downsized in the last three months preceding the month in which the request is made, except in the case of normal employee turnover;
  • No bankruptcy procedure has not been started;
  • Employer is regularly meeting obligations under the mandatory social insurance for employees, for the three months preceding the month in which the request is made, unless the applicant is a newly formed business entity registered under the domestic or foreign investment, based on a reasoned request of the competent local authorities;
  • The applicant against whom bankruptcy proceedings were conducted and for which was adopted in a reorganization plan , has successfully operated at least 12 months, except in case of justified request of the competent local authorities;
  • The applicant is who he bought business entity of which ended in bankruptcy or liquidation, operated successfully for at least 12 months from date of purchase, unless motivated request of the competent local authorities;
  • That the unemployed for whom the subsidy is asked for and who was previously employed full-time by Employer - Applicant, is registered as unemployed for at least 6 months.