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Master plan

Master Plan is adopted as a strategic development plan, with the general elements of spatial development. Master Plan is drawn up for the city.

Pursuant to Article 54, Paragraph 1 of the Law on Planning and Construction (Official Gazette of RS no., 47/03 and 34/06), in compliance with Article 215, Paragraph 6 of the Law on Planning and Construction (Official Gazette of RS, no. 72 / 09 and 81/09) and Article 31 of the Statute of the Municipality of Kikinda (Official Journal of Kikinda, no. 4/06 - consolidated text, 2/08, 19/08, 26/08, 7/09 and 18/09) after obtaining the opinion of the Planning Committee no. III-01-350-7/2009od 11.02.2010. The Assembly of Kikinda in the meeting held on 26.02.2010., has adopted a general plan of Kikinda.

The general plan of Kikinda (Official Journal of Kikinda, no. 4/10) is made on the basis of Article 36, 41, 42 and 43 of the Law on Planning and Construction and the Rules of the content, method of preparation, method of performing expert control urban development plan as well as conditions of the Plan for public review (Official Gazette of RS, no. 12/2004).
The planning period for the Master Plan of Kikinda 20 years. Total land in the scope of the Master Plan is 3191.48 ha.

Master plan of Kikinda – download


The spatial plan

The Spatial plan of the local government is adopted for the territory of the local government and sets guidelines for the development of activities and use of surfaces and conditions for sustainable and balanced development of the territory of the local government.

Spatial planning refers to the outside of construction area. Strategic assessment of the impact on the environment is an integral part of the plan..

The spatial plan of Kikinda – download


General regulation plans

The general regulation plans - download


Plans of detailed regulation

Plans of detailed regulation (PDR) - downloads