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Organization of the City Administration

The City Administration performs the following duties:

  • prepare drafts of regulations and other acts passed by the Assembly and Major,
  • execute decisions and other documents of the City Assembly and Mayor,
  • resolved in an administrative proceeding in the first instance on the rights and duties of citizens, enterprises, institutions and other bodies from the city,
  • perform administrative supervision over the implementation of laws and other general acts of the City Assembly,
  • enforces laws and regulations delegated to the City,
  • performs professional and other duties as determined by the Assembly and Mayor,
  • submit a report on its work to the Assembly of the city, the Mayor and to City Council.

Head of administration manage the work of the City Administration. Within Local Government municipality of Kikinda has the following secretariats and Services:

  • Secretariat for finance,
  • Secretariat for general administration and common services,
  • Secretariat for property legal affairs and communal activities,
  • Secretariat for social affairs,
  • Secretariat for inspections,
  • Secretariat for environmental protection,
  • Secretariat of local tax administration,
  • Secretariat for development and investment management,
  • Service of the Assembly, Mayor and the City Council.

Secretariats and services

Secretariat for finance

Secretariat of Finance is responsible for tasks related to: the preparation, development and implementation of the budget and final accounts of the city, consolidates Treasury local government and consolidation of funds direct and indirect beneficiaries of Treasury local government at the city level, bookkeeping and accounting operations, financial and material operations, business liquidation and settlement operations, cash management, voluntary contribution, financial and accounting matters of the budget, funds and special purpose accounts and other activities in the field of financial and material operations of public procurement goods and services for the city.

Secretariat for general administration and common services

Secretariat for General Administration and Common Services performs tasks related to : improving work organization and modernization of local government, law enforcement and other regulations in the Administrative Procedure in city administration, conducting population register and the electoral roll, Office Management - Office and Archive, certification signatures, handwriting and transcription, issue employment cards and keeping a register of work papers, supervision of the local office, the register of citizens, service center operations, the Secretariat carries out activities related to the personal status of citizens ( civil registries and the issuance of certificates, the preparation of the death certificate, the performance of the inventory, etc.). The Secretariat is done and professional activities relating to: labor relations, the use of Office administration and other resources and equipment, operation and maintenance of buildings and business premises, providing other conditions of work for city governments and other agencies, ensuring the rational use of office space, transport motor vehicles and other maintenance services, defense affairs, current affairs investment holding and provision of office buildings. The Secretariat performs the tasks of information and automated data processing for the purposes of the City Assembly, the Mayor, the City Council and the City Administration.

Secretariat for property legal affairs and communal activities,

Secretariat for property legal affairs and communal activities, performs tasks related to: planning, development and provision of utility services, ensuring that the material and other requirements for permanent utility services, monitoring the implementation of the basic utility functions (water supply and waste water, cleaning of public areas, maintenance of public green areas, public lighting, traffic, etc., in accordance with the law), supervising public utilities, monitoring implementation of program construction land, housing construction and maintenance of residential buildings, monitoring of installation of sewer organization of the market and provide services to them, the naming of streets, squares and buildings. Performs property and legal affairs relating to the protection, preservation and recording of property over which the municipality has the right to use, transfer of land and buildings, flats sold, administrative procedure in the residential construction field and performs tasks related to agriculture, cooperatives, fisheries, forestry, water management, tourism and hospitality, economic development, municipal stockpiles and supply of the population.

Secretariat for social affairs

Secretariat for Social Affairs is responsible for tasks related to meeting the specific needs of citizens in the area of primary and secondary education, primary health care, social security, veterans and disability protection, child welfare, culture, sports and physical education, information, cooperation with religious communities and keeping a register of the same, the protection of cultural property, resolving issues related to the rights of national minorities, the tasks related to the social position of young people and organizations that bring together youth and social care for youth and other activities in the field of social services .
In the field of War Veterans performs tasks related to the exercise of the right to personal, family and supplemental disability , veteran's allowance, monthly cash earnings, unemployment compensation , social protection, civil war invalids, kadrovačku help, as well as exercising other rights under these field .
The registrar performs the tasks in the field of realization of the rights of social child care , child allowance , parental allowance , assistance to families with children , wage compensation during maternity leave and other rights in this area

Secretariat for inspections

Secretariat for Inspections conducts inspection of enforcement of laws and regulations whose implementation is directly entrusted to the city, such as: construction, utilities, transportation, educational inspection, budget inspection and auditing jobs and ground keeper relating to the protection of agricultural land.
Performs tasks related to the construction, maintenance and use of local and unclassified roads, streets and other public facilities of importance for the city, occasional transport of passengers, taxis..

Secretariat for environmental protection

Secretariat for Environmental Protection performs tasks related to: protection measures in the planning and construction of buildings, protection of air, land protection, forest protection, water protection, protection of flora and fauna, protection of natural resources and protection against noise, protection from ionizing radiation, protection of waste and hazardous substances, keeping and protection of animals, natural healing properties in certain areas and other activities in this area of the law and other regulations.

Secretariat of the local tax administration

The main task of the Secretariat of the Local Tax Administration, pursuant to the provisions of Article 60 of the Law on Local Self-Government, is establishing, controlling and collecting public revenues prescribed by law (tax on assets of legal entities and individuals, compensation for land usage, the fee for the protection and promotion environmental, utility taxes, ...), and accordingly the Secretariat:

  • lead the first procedure of determining the income
  • perform office controls of taxpayers
  • performs field control of taxpayers income
  • performs regular collection of original public revenues
  • the levy public revenues
  • maintain tax accounting
  • establish and develop an information system within the scope of work
  • performs the issuance of certificates and confirmation of the facts contained in the official records
  • provides professional counseling help taxpayers in the field of local original incomea
  • perform other tax duties in accordance with the law.

Secretariat for development and investment management

Secretariat for development and investment management performs tasks related to the realization of investments that are financed from the city budget, payments based on the borrowing and grants, as well as tasks related to implementation of investment projects financed from financial contracts on the loans and grants from international financial institutions.

The Secretariat carries out tasks related to providing information about location, location permits, building permits, registration papers and usage permits for facilities for which the Secretariat conducts public procurement; monitor the implementation of contracted projects from the standpoint of quantity, quality and dynamics; monitors and records the financial commitments in the framework of implementation of investment programs, perform other necessary tasks related to the implementation of public procurement conducted.

The Secretariat implements the procedure unified procedure.

The Secretariat performs development and implementation of projects, strategic planning and business investment.

Service of Assembly, the Mayor and the City Council

Service Assembly, the mayor and city council performs for the purposes of the City Assembly, the Mayor, the City Council and its working bodies. Performs professional and organizational tasks related to: selection of the City Assembly, preparing the meetings, processing acts adopted in the sessions, arranging, recording and storage of original documents and documents about the work of the Mayor, Assembly and the City councils, keeping a register of laws passed by the assembly , business professional library, providing technical assistance to political parties represented in the drafting of the proposal submitted by the Assembly and its bodies, obtaining responses and notifications councilors seeking, petitions and proposals of citizens, investigating complaints about the work of the municipal administration, selection, appointment setting, keeping proper records , protocol tasks for the needs of the Mayor, Assembly and City councils, checks the compliance of normative acts (decisions, solutions and conclusions) issued by the President of the City Assembly and the City Council for the law and other regulations, administrative, technical and other tasks for the municipal election commission , tasks related to exercise the right of access to information of public importance, edit and publish the official list, copies of materials for the purposes of the City Assembly, the Mayor, the City Council and its working bodies and city administration.